Zealous Over Zion

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Zealous Over Zion

Total Length: 53:02

Zealous Over Zion

Artists on the Album: Ted Pearce

THE COVER ART illustrates God's miraculous triumph over His enemies through His unlikely servant, David, who defeated Goliath.

Likewise, musician Ted Pearce, a Gentile believer, is also an unlikely servant of God. Once upon a time, a devout atheist. In order to refute the claims of Christianity, he plunged into the Scriptures, only to be transformed by the accuracy of prophecy and the compassion of Yeshua (Jesus) who Ted recognized as the Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world.

Now, Ted's music celebrates God's miraculous triumph over His enemies as he offers worship and praise to the Holy One of Israel.


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Title Duration
Zealous Over Zion 4:34
Bless The Name Yeshua 3:59
Sons Of Abraham 4:14
Rejoice 4:17
Arise 2:41
Babylon 4:35
Refuge And Strength 4:03
Let There Be Love 3:44
Congregation Of The Righteous 2:57
Isaiah 44 4:54
Kineti 4:33
Gili Meod 4:39
Miflati 4:02
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