The Identical Soundtrack

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The Identical Soundtrack

The Identical Soundtrack

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

Original music from the motion picture. Experience The Identical double soundtrack featuring 22 original songs. Over 90 minutes of music. Special 2 CD set. An unforgettable audio journey through 3 decades of pop music.

Original Release Date: Monday, November 10, 2014 Release Date: Monday, November 10, 2014

Price: $ 9.99 USD


Title Duration
Mellow Down Easy 4:16
Don't Cha Just Walk by Me 3:25
Boogie Woogie Rock and Roll 3:04
Burnin' Rubber 2:15
You Gotta Get Up 3:26
Angel of Mine 4:09
Bee Boppin' Baby 3:04
Great Big Love 3:18
Building My World 3:27
Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight 4:05
Sunrise Surfin' 4:02
I'm Gonna Die Tryin' 4:19
Calling (I Feel I Know You Theme) 3:19
Jenny (Angel of Mine Theme) 1:43
Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight (Overlay) 0:43
Gypsy Man 3:22
Born for a Reason 3:03
Nashville Tonight 3:24
I Feel I Know You 1:53
City Lights 4:10
Strange Love 3:47
Better Man 4:43
Sumthen Boucha 3:45
It Don't Come Easy 3:41
G.I.R.L.S. 4:16
Everybody Knows It 4:30
One Child (New Life Theme) 3:59
Drexel Entrance Pt. 2 (New Life Theme) 0:42
City of Peace Theme 0:27
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