One New Man Worship: Israel

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One New Man Worship: Israel

Total Length: 78:25

One New Man Worship: Israel

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

FROM THE PRODUCER of the internationally acclaimed ADONAI comes a new series that brings together Jew and Gentile from the ends of the earth to worship as ONE NEW MAN.For the first time ever, this ambitious series will seek to capture this powerful combined worship from every continent - Asia, Africa, North & South America, Europe, Australia, Antarctica -demonstrating God’s promise of peace as the children of Covenant and Grace join as One in the Messiah.

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Title Duration
Shnat Ha Yovel (The Year of Jublee) 5:51
Hear O Israel 5:15
The Lord's Prayer 4:56
Bo Ruach Elohim (Come, Spirit of God) 5:00
Seh HaElohim (Lamb of God) 5:07
Hineh Lo Yanum (He That Keepth) 5:28
Be'Libi Tzafanti (In My Heart I Have Hidden) 4:07
Baruch Atah Adonai 3:45
Ten La'esh Lipol (Let The Fire Fall) 4:47
Al Chomatayeech Yerushalayim (On Your Walls O Jerusalem) 4:55
Scarlet (Shani) 6:06
Kadosh Atah (You Are Holy) 4:43
Elohim (And the Angels Sing) 5:06
Son of David (Ben David) 6:42
Baruch Haba Yeshua (Blessed Is He Who Comes) 5:17
The Aaronic Blessing 1:21
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