Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Two

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Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Two

Total Length: 69:12

Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Two

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

Heart For Israel Worship: Volume Two features 16 Messianic worship songs from Galilee of the Nations, including music by Messianic worship artists Joel Chernoff (of Lamb), Marty Goetz, as well as artists from the Land of Israel; Barry & Batya Segal, Karen Davis, Sar Shalom, Roy Kendall, Celeste Mills, Chaim Warshawsky, and King of Kings Assembly.Our hopeful aim in bringing this vision to you is to help the Church worldwide more fully understand God's heart for His Covenant People of old, and to pray for the salvation of Israel. "...all Israel shall be saved..." (Romans 11:25-29)

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Title Duration
King of Kings 4:50
Holy Is The Lord 3:17
B'tzel K'nafeicha 3:00
Yeshua Yeshua 2:55
Hal'li Nafshi 4:30
O God You are My God 5:06
Arise O Lord 4:42
Comfort My People 4:33
Ke'Ayal Ta'arog (As the Deer Pants) 4:15
For Zion's Sake 5:22
Who Has Believed 6:33
Sh'ma Yisrael 0:58
Seh HaElohim 4:56
With God, We'll Gain The Victory 4:15
There's a Wind That Blows 5:00
Brethren, My Heart's Desire 5:00
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