Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Three

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Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Three

Total Length: 71:39

Heart for Israel Worship: Volume Three

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

Heart For Israel Worship: Volume Three features 17 Messianic worship songs from Galilee of the Nations.It includes songs by Messianic worship artists: Joel Chernoff (of Lamb), Ted Pearce, Jonathan Settel and Marty Goetz, as well as artists from the Land of Israel; Barry & Batya Segal, Karen Davis, Sar Shalom, and King of Kings Assembly (with worship leader Chuck King).Our hopeful aim in bringing you this powerful album is to help believers more fully understand the Nations' need for the blessing of Abraham, as well as to be reminded that the God of Israel is the God who keeps His promises forever. "And I will bless those who bless you..." (Genesis 12:3)

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Title Duration
No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper 6:07
Baruch Adonai 4:03
Sing Hallelujah 5:29
Bless The Name Yeshua 4:00
Rejoice 4:16
Zealous Over Zion 4:34
Hineh Hu 2:53
Eleicha Yeshua 3:42
V'Ahavta 4:15
Kol Dodi 3:46
On Your Walls O Jerusalem 5:24
Go Through The Gates 4:31
Adonai li, lo Ira 3:38
Isaiah 53 3:31
Jerusalem of Gold 5:31
Shiviti Adonai Medley 3:47
Hava Nagila 2:13
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