Heart for Israel Worship: Volume One

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Heart for Israel Worship: Volume One

Total Length: 73:28

Heart for Israel Worship: Volume One

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

Heart For Israel Worship: Volume One features 16 Messianic worship songs from Galilee of the Nations.It includes music by artists: Joel Chernoff (of Lamb), Barry & Batya Segal, Marty Goetz, Karen Davis, Sar Shalom, Roy Kendall, and Nomi Pritz.Enter into the presence of Adonai with this powerful collection of worship songs with a Heart for Israel!

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Title Duration
On Your Walls O Jerusalem 4:56
Elohim (And the Angels Sing) 5:07
Be'Libi Tzafanti (In My Heart I have Hidden) 4:07
Father, Hear Our Cry 4:35
Hebrew Chant 0:39
O Lord Our Lord 5:08
He Is My Defense 4:57
Lamb Of God 5:11
Baruch Haba 3:48
Kadosh (Holy) 6:46
Hineh Lo Yanum 5:30
Hallelu Et Adonai 2:37
Holy Unto You 5:59
Blessed Be The Lord, God 4:07
Jew And Gentile 4:59
The Restoration of Israel 5:02
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