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Artists on the Album: Various Artists

ELOHIM, pronounced EL-O-HEEM is the Hebrew name for GOD. The One and Only True GOD. The GOD of the Bible. The all Powerful GOD of the Universe. Who is the same yesterday, today and forever!Experience Worship from the Heart of Israel with the Remnant of GOD'S people who live in the Promised Land.Join the Spiritual and Physical Levites as they Worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth, in Hebrew and in English, in their Culture and in their History. Together, let us Praise the Holy One of Israel. May this music cause you to love and worship ELOHIM.

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Title Duration
Te'heeleem 95:1-7 (Psalm 95:1-7) 1:46
Shiru Le'Elohim (Sing to God) 4:52
Kumah Adonai (Arise O Lord) 4:43
Elohim (And the Angels Sing) 5:05
Adonai li, lo Ira (The Lord Is With Me, I Will Not Be Afraid) 3:37
Be'Libi Tzafanti (In My Heart I Have Hidden) 4:07
Al Chomatayeech Yerushalayim (On Your Walls O Jerusalem) 4:54
Ke'Ayal Ta' arog (As the Deer Pants) 4:13
Ma Navu (How Beautiful) 4:21
Rak Atah Elohim (Only You God) 5:17
Nachamu Ami (Comfort My People) 4:32
Be'Mayim Zakim (With Pure Water) 4:37
Eli Eli (My God, My God) 2:54
Etz Chayim (Tree of Life) 1:38
Sh'ma Avinu Kriateinu (Father, Hear Our Cry) 4:27
2 Chronicles 7:14, Matt. 23:37-39 3:26
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