City of Peace Instrumentals

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City of Peace Instrumentals

City of Peace Instrumentals

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

City of Peace Instrumentals are a soothing collage of acoustic music with compelling and inspiring melodies to encourage your heart and uplift your soul. This album features 17 top instrumental recordings with over 70 minutes of music.Smooth Jazz with Jerry Marcellino (saxophone), classical Vivaldi by Maurice Sklar (violin), refreshing acoustics by William Gregory Strawbridge (guitar), and the distinctive sound of Calvin Jones (piano), round out the team of musical influences that will take you on an unforgettable journey to the City of Peace, a place that transcends time, culture, age, and season, that special place where peace surpasses all understanding!

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Title Duration
Movement of Love 0:34
Acoustic Passion 0:34
Infant Dance 0:34
Fragrance of Love 0:34
Eyes of the Heart 0:34
Grover's Groove 0:34
Allegro (1) - Spring 0:34
Largo - Spring 0:34
Allegro (2) - Spring 0:34
Shells 0:30
The Mangroves 0:30
Winter Port 0:34
After the Rain 0:34
White Water Chop Sticks 0:30
Snow Melt 0:30
October 0:34
Ode to Joy 0:34
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