Go Through the Gates

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Go Through the Gates

Total Length: 54:25

Go Through the Gates

Artists on the Album: Barry & Batya Segal

INTERNATIONAL WORSHIP LEADERS Barry & Batya Segal are Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), who make their home in Jerusalem.

Batya's awe-inspiring vocals boldly proclaim the Word of God in both English and Hebrew, mixing ancient Mizrahi (ethnic & traditional Israeli sounds) with modern world music.

Go Through The Gates is an invitation to you to enter the City of God, and be drawn into the presence of the Prince of Peace, for such a time as this.
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Title Duration
On Your Walls O Jerusalem 5:24
(Thou Shalt Love) V'ahavta 4:45
Go Through the Gates 4:29
Shabechi Yerushalayim 4:33
(Praise God O Jerusalem) We Delight in Your Shabbat 4:11
(O Holy One) Shimcha Kadosh 4:45
(Let Me Hear) Hashmieni 4:57
(Rejoice Greatly) Sos Asis 3:30
(Save Your People) Hoshia et Amecha 4:20
(He Who Keeps) Hashomer 3:19
In the Latter Days 5:16
(How Beautiful) Ma Navu 4:50
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