Shalom Jerusalem

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Shalom Jerusalem

Shalom Jerusalem

Artists on the Album: Paul Wilbur

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WORSHIP LEADER, Paul Wilbur, emphatically states, "I was born for this project!" Paul, who attended synagogue before his conversion, had the opportunity to learn about live ministry as a member of the contemporary Christian music group, "Harvest."

Paul later spent ten years leading worship in a messianic congregation, and founded the successful messianic music group, "Israel's Hope" along with Marc Chopinsky and Rene Bloch.

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Title Duration
Intro - Jerusalem of Gold/Ma Tovu (O How Good) 0:30
I Lift Up My Eyes 0:30
Up To Jerusalem 0:30
Shouts of Joy 0:30
Sing for Joy in the Lord 0:30
Shouts of Joy (Reprise) 0:30
Roni, Roni, Bat Zion 0:30
Where Does My Help Come From 0:30
Hinei Ma Tov (Behold How Good) 0:30
Sing Hallelujah 0:30
Stand Up and Give Him the Praise 0:32
Baruch Haba (Blessed Is He Who Comes) 0:30
Ma Tovu (O How Good) 0:30
In Your Presence, O God 0:30
Wonderful One 0:30
Shalom Jerusalem 0:30
Lord, Take Up Your Holy Throne 0:30
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