Son of David

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Son of David

Total Length: 77:40

Son of David

Artists on the Album: Various Artists

THIS MUSIC will take you back to ancient Jerusalem and let you experience the sounds of the Levites as they worshiped Adonai, the Holy One of Israel. You will hear the words of God sung in Hebrew and English, along with a blending of ancient instruments and modern day psalms from the heart of God's remnant.Join with us, both Jew and Gentile as One New Man in Messiah and worship Yeshua, the Son of David, who is Holy and enthroned in the praises of Israel! (Psalm 22:3)

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Title Duration
Hear O Israel (Sh'ma Yisrael) 5:15
Ten La'esh Lipol (Let The Fire Fall) 4:47
Seh HaElohim (Lamb of God) 5:06
Kadosh Atah (You Are Holy) 4:43
Adonai Ahuvi (Lord, My Beloved) 4:48
Ezo Min Ahavah Zot? (What Kind Of Love Is This?) 4:53
Eineni Bosh (I Am Not Ashamed) 4:00
Ana Adonai (O Lord Please Save Us!) 3:54
Halo Yadata (Have You Not Known?) 4:24
Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) 5:10
Scarlet (Shani) 6:05
Od Ve' Od (More and More) 5:53
Son of David (Ben David) 6:43
Mimkomcha (From Your Dwelling Place) 3:40
HaEretz (The Land) 2:33
Yeshua, Melech HaKavod (Yeshua, King of Glory) 5:46
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