Meha Shamayim

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Meha Shamayim

Total Length: 60:21

Meha Shamayim

Artists on the Album: Roman Wood & Leonardo Bella

MEHA SHAMAYIM, pronounced (May-Ha-Sha-Mime), are the Hebrew words, "From The Heavens".

The soothing vocals and retro pure acoustics of Roman Wood & Leonardo Bella, take you on a journey to that timeless place which will produce, "The dynamic sounds of the age to come".

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Title Duration
Glorify 4:59
May the Lord Bless You 4:51
The Remnant of Israel 5:08
No Not I 2:47
The Lord's Prayer (Avinu) 2:25
My Soul Waiteth 3:48
Sweet Child Of Mine 3:21
The Seed 4:07
Shabbat Shleva 2:15
Ben David 4:44
Two Thousand Years 4:19
Precious Hope 3:38
Shabbat's Coming 3:10
Sound of The Shofar 7:01
Glorify (alternate version) 3:48
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