Acoustic Passion

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Acoustic Passion

Acoustic Passion

Artists on the Album: Calvin Jones

My vision for Acoustic Passion is to blend the piano acoustics of our classical forefathers with the energy and passion of contemporary sounds in a diversity of styles that begins to touch upon the wide range of experiences, emotions and memories we all share.

As you listen to Acoustic Passion, may the peace that transcends all understanding be upon you." -Calvin Jones

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Title Duration
Paradigm Shift 4:44
Movement of Love 4:11
Acoustic Passion 4:50
Infant Dance 4:12
Passage to Paradise 4:06
Eagle's Flight 5:05
Runnin' for the Prize 5:09
March of the Faithful 3:50
Compassion 4:26
Passage to Paradise (Vocal Version) 4:08
Rebuilding the Walls 4:24
Remembrance 5:13
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