Sh'Ma Yisrael

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Sh'Ma Yisrael

Total Length: 46:00

Sh'Ma Yisrael

Artists on the Album: Barry & Batya Segal

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"GIVE GOD NO REST" until He makes Jerusalem a praise in all the earth. (Isaiah 62:7) Barry and Batya Segal are International Worship leaders who reside in Jerusalem. As Jewish believers in Jesus they are at the forefront of what God is doing in the present day Nation of Israel.

Blending rhythmic praise with ethnic overtones and mixing the Hebrew and English languages, the music of Sh'ma Yisrael will create in you a new and passionate expression of worship towards "The Holy One of Israel".

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Title Duration
Sh'ma Yisrael 0:30
Old City Of Jerusalem (Documentary) 0:30
Baruch Haba 0:30
Hallelu Et Adonai 0:30
Hineh Lo Yanum 0:30
Kadosh 0:30
Kumi Ori 0:30
Lema'an Tzion 0:30
Seh Haelohim 0:30
Shiviti Adonai 0:30
Esa Einai 0:30
U'sha'avtem Mayim 0:30
Hava Nagila 0:30
Hodu L'adonai 0:30
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