Praise and Worship for the Messianic Age

by Jordan M. News

Experience the prophetic promises of God fulfilled as you take a musical journey through the rich heritage of our faith. Galilee of the Nations’ world class productions weave English and Hebrew with the History and Culture of the Promised Land, Israel, to worship the Lord our God. We invite you to enter into worship like you never have before as we worship Adonai, who is the Holy One of Israel. May the Lord richly bless you out of Zion through the message and music of Galilee of the Nations in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah!

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Galilee of the Nations has been on the front lines of providing wonderful Messianic Jewish resources for the entire Body since 1998, enriching the lives of many. I appreciate the work they are doing to exalt Yeshua and to bring His people into His presence.

Dr. Michael Brown

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