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by Jordan M. Blog
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The Identical

Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Identical is a redemptive movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who struggles to find the balance between pleasing his father, who desires for him to join the ministry, and embarking on a musical career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure, and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really is. The Identical is a captivating story about a family restored and a life discovered that "lifts your soul and warms your heart!" (Jeffrey K. Howard,

The Identical is a movie that has a heart for Israel. It contains a powerful message to pray for the Jewish people and the protection of the nation of Israel.

In addition, The Identical makes a clear biblical worldview statement in a postmodern era. This film upholds the following:

  • Marriage between a man and a woman
  • Moral purity before marriage
  • The preciousness of child-bearing
  • Children respecting their parents
  • Desire for children (in an abortion nation)
  • Faithfulness in ministry (40 years)
  • Exalting marital love
  • The struggle against our sin(s): Pride [trying to control his son's future, etc]
  • True portrayal of a pastor: as a sinner, but not a charlatan, and chiefly as a repenter to his son!
  • Pro-Israel stand
  • Stand against racism and statement of equality for all people
  • Finding your place or calling in your own generation in order to glorify God (Acts 13:36)
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Double CD Soundtrack from the Major Motion Picture

Featuring 22 original songs, it's an unforgettable musical journey through 3 decades of pop music. Tracks include: "Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight" * "City Lights" * "Angel of Mine" * "Nashville Tonight" * "It Don't Come Easy" * "Burnin' Rubber" * "Mellow Down Easy" * "Everybody Knows It" * "Bee Boppin' Baby" * "New Life Themes" * plus 19 more!

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More music from the performers & Writers of The Identical Sountrack

House of Peace featuring David Liscum

David's inspirational and contemplative instrumentals in The Identical's "New Life" theme song are also incorporated into his groundbreaking worship album, Into the Great Unknown.

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Blake Rayne

Blake is a new country artist whose rich vocal tones suggest Toby Keith, Chris Isaak, & Elvis Presley. You have heard Blake through-out the movie--now enjoy more of his music!

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Darcey & Mo

This duo echoes the classic Sam & Dave and 70s Motown sound. You'll recognize them as the movies honky tonk performers (and also over the final end credits).

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The Morph Kings

The Morph Kings' sound reminds you of Pink Floyd & Led Zepplin, plus today's Blck Keys. They're heard on 7 songs in the movie.

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The Ricky Reese Band

"The fastest Mandolin player on the planet." In the mold of Ricky Scaggs, his "Burnin' Rubber" is the movie's heart-pumping joyride song.

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Galilee of the Nations has been on the front lines of providing wonderful Messianic Jewish resources for the entire Body since 1998, enriching the lives of many. I appreciate the work they are doing to exalt Yeshua and to bring His people into His presence.

Dr. Michael Brown

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